Thursday, October 20, 2011

Randomness About Me

At some point I think every blogger gets to a point of writer's block.  I am not sure if that is the stage I am at right now, but I am going to go ahead and say it must be.  I also have to say I don't call myself a writer.  I am a girl who likes to babble about what is going on in my life.  I try to make it funny and entertaining for my readers.  I like to blog on what is happening on the farm, recipes, and projects.

 Lately, I haven't had time to finish any projects because it has been so terribly busy around here.  We are in the middle of corn harvest {which I need to get some pictures of and blog} and I don't know if I am coming or going.  I cook everyday, but I haven't taken the time to photograph any food.  Why?...because I am running behind!!!  Then there are the projects I am working on that I can't seem to finish.  I get started and the phone will ring and I have to leave to help move equipment or someone gets stuck in the mud from the almost 8 inches of rain we recently received and I have to go help get a tractor and another vehicle to take care of that situation.  Lately, it just seems like my day is full of interruptions so I don't take the time to work on my long list of projects knowing I will probably be "called out" any minute.

With all that being said I thought I would share some random things about myself.

I wanted to be an architect when I was young.

I have one brother and no sisters, but I have the best sister in laws in the entire world!!!!

I wanted to be a nurse when I was a little older.

I have natural curly hair that I have a love hate relationship with.

I can't sew very well.  Straight lines are about it.  My mom is an excellent sewer as is my mother in law.

I love a clean and organized house, but mine never seems to get ALL the way there.

I hate brussels sprouts, but love cabbage.


Sometimes I am a night person and sometimes I am a morning person.

I got married before I graduated High School.

Photography is my hobby.

My husband and I always wanted 6 kids, but stopped at 4.

I love reading comments from by blog readers.  It makes my day brighter!!!!

I am a Diet Dr. Pepper fanatic.

I believe in God!!!

I have never seen the ocean.

It is completely silent in my house right now.  The kids are at school and the TV is off!!!  Awww!!!

I love my husband and my kids more than anything.

My Grandpa always called me Toad.

My Dad is an Electrician and so was my Grandpa and my Great Grandpa.

When my oldest daughter was born she had 14 living grandparents.  Now she only has 5 :(

My youngest daughter was born on my Great Grandpa's birthday.  They are 103 years apart...he is in heaven.

I do not collect anything.

I love Mexican food.

I used to love shopping, but now I can't stand it.

I am a simple person.

I hate when people read too much into things and make a deal out of something that wasn't suppose to be a "deal".

I can't stand a dirty bathroom especially in a restaurant!!!  I think it is a sign of what their kitchen must look like.

I have a large mole on my foot.  My youngest daughter has one to match.

I have a sense of humor and sometimes do not realize other people don't....

I do not like to wear dresses that require pantyhose be worn with it.  So I guess I don't like pantyhose.

I love to eat cookie dough.

I have had the same cell phone number since I was 16.

I really really want 2 washing machines and 2 dryers.

I love to watch Husker football and volleyball.

I do not own an electric can opener.

I love Fall, Spring, Summer, and that order.

I love that we have so many friends that we never have to travel a paved road to go visit.

I live an hour away from a Wal-Mart which I am going to go to when the kids get home.  I better make a list.  I don't go very often, but my daughter lost her glasses so we are going to the vision center to get her new ones.

I haven't at lunch yet, but I did deliver lunch to the field.

I wear sweaterpants {that is what my youngest daughter calls sweatpants} and t-shirts whenever I am home because they are so comfy.

I love newborns....yes, I am a baby hog.

My husband just called me and I have to go get parts.

See, that's what happens lately....interruptions, but I wouldn't change it for the world.



  1. I just stumbled across your blog and love it! I am a farmers wife too, here in Utah. I love when I can find people that have the same lifestyle as us as it is very uncommon anymore. I have had fun reading through your posts. I will bookmark this and be checking back. Have a great day!

  2. Sorensen's thank you for the lovely comment. I am so glad you enjoy reading my posts. If you haven't read the post about You Know You Are A Farmer's Wife When.... you should check that one out for sure. I know you will be able to relate. Sorensen is your last name I Grandma was a Sorensen....hhhmmm??

  3. Yes, Sorensen is our last name. All of our family is here in Utah though. I will have to read that post. Do your kids show steers or anything like that?

  4. Yes, my kids show!! They do steer or heifer depending upon what they have. Next year I think we will have a pen of three and each of our daughters will have a market beef. They only show at the county level so far. That is their college savings plan!!!!! They also show horses and we usually have a bucket calf or two as well. Do your kids show?

  5. Yes, my kids show. My daughter started last year just on county level and last month she showed at the State fair. It is a lot of work for the parents but they have fun and they make a little cash doing it too! We buy our kids show steers in Iowa and then they get to show our farm's Heifers to help market for our cattle. We raise 125 mother cows and their calves. We will start calving here in January. We raise Pure Black Angus. What do you guys raise? DO you have a family farm or is it just you and your husband?

  6. I loved this one!

    Nice to learn new things about you. (:

    I do not own an electric can opener either. Haha! I don't not need more junk on the kitchen counters!

    I also have naturally curly hair. It WAS a love/hate relationship for me, too, until I found the RIGHT hair products!

  7. We raise Angus Cross. We currently have 80 head and will start calving in Feb. We are planning on saving back all the heifers to build our herd back up. We usually like to have around 100 head. My husband bought our farm 3 months after he graduated high school from a family member. His grandparents and dad all farmed in the same area. His grandparents are gone and his dad just passed away in June from cancer. It has been a VERY tough year. I can't even begin to describe how tough it has been.

  8. I am so sorry... My husband lost his dad 7 years ago, we were all down branding cows and his mom had a bad feeling about him and he wouldn't answer his phone and when she went to the house she found him. It has been really rough for us too so I can tell you that I can relate. We were left with a farm and a construction company to take care of. His family is close by so we have really learned to work together and make things work. About 4 years ago my husband started losing all of his hair, we went to the doctors and they were telling us that he had alopecia, since then he has lost every bit of hair on his body. I feel like this has come on from the stress of having to take on everything since his dad died. I hope that your family will stay close and know that things will get better, but you will still miss him dearly everyday.

  9. Well, you certainly can relate. I am so sorry for your loss. We have a very close family as well. My FIL was part of our daily lives and there has been such a void without him. He was only 63 and should have had so many more years. We know that he is in a better place now and we will see him again one day. It is still hard knowing that we can't call him or talk politics (which he was always up to date on), or ask all the questions we know he would know the answer to though.

    I am sure your husband is a strong and beautiful person and hair isn't everything. I know my husband has had battles of gout since his dad got sick and passed. We are pretty sure the stress of everything brought it on.

    Do you still have the construction business? Do you work outside the home? I work part-time on top of "trying" to manage home life. Somedays nothing seems to get done.

  10. My FIL was 54 when he passed and he was a big part of our lives too. I was also 9 months pregnant with my second at the time. I feel that we have been blessed with so much and feel like he still watches over us. I can't wait to see him again.

    We still have the construction company and have done very well with it despite the economy, which is good cause that helps keep our farm going financially. I have to say that we have learned a lot through all of this and always hope for good days!

    I do not work outside of the home. I am the parts runner, bill maker, soccer mom that can't wait till all of my kids are in school full time so that I can go out and get a real job. I love Facebook cause I feel like I have a social life and can still talk to my girlfriends. Do you Facebook?

    Anywhoo, I have had fun getting to know you. I need to get going on my blog but have no desire to update it when I am 1 year behind. I have been busy learning to digital scrapbook, canning, getting show steers to walk and raking the leaves. We are going to be bringing our cows off the mountain this Saturday and my kids act like it is Christmas. Those are the best parts of living on a farm. The kids have so much to do and hands on learning. They think it's torture if they have to stay inside.

  11. Yes, I checked out your blog, but wasn't able to read it. I saw a post about a cavity and since I am a dental assistant I thought I would read You should get busy and update your blog, it is a great resource to document life. I figure years from now my family will enjoy going back in the archives and reading the old posts.

    I have to say once your kids are in school, especially if they play sports, your life will only get busier. Our oldest is in 7th grade and is out for sports which happen to be in the middle of the afternoon. I am very luck and have the greatest job, co-workers, and boss. We all have kids about the same ages and we work together to so that we can make it to our kids' games. It really is the best of both worlds. My kids go to a different school than my co-workers so it usually works out great when one of us needs to be gone.

    Have you ever used a donkey to break your steers to lead? We did that this pretty good!!! We need to wean calves very soon so my kids will get to saddle up and help. They LOVE it!!!!

    I planted a salsa garden this year and my friend and I canned salsa and I did some pizza sauce. I really want to can homemade soup, but haven't tried it yet.

    Of course I facebook!!!

  12. I just stumbled across your blog...I am from Cental Nebraska and love the huskers. I had to laugh when I was reading these comments, my Great-Grandma was a Sorensen. There were quite a few sisters in her family.

  13. Amanda, love to hear I have another HUSKER reading my blog!!! I am not loving this darn wind we have had here in Husker nation!!! My hubs and I made a trip to Grand Island today and the wind about blew us away....geesh!!!


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