Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mother Nature....

We are well into corn harvest.  Each day has went very well with minimal breakdowns.  We have had dry weather which is usually a great thing for harvest.  However, Mother Nature is having a terrible mood swing.  We are too dry and have had extremely windy conditions for several days.  The wind is causing the power to flicker on and off.  Worst of all with the extreme dry conditions and farmers in the harvest fields with combines, tractors, and trucks that can get hot in a split second can will cause fires left and right.  The local volunteer fire departments are putting in overtime trying to stay ahead of the sporadic fires that are popping up all over the place.  I even saw an irrigation pivot running on a cornfield today in hopes it would prevent the field from engulfing flames.

Here it our local forecast.

We are in an alert for VERY STRONG WINDS that may cause power outages.  

My hubs got a phone call from the grain elevator earlier today and they ask that he not bring any grain to town because of the power outages.  I guess we have a "wind delay"!!!!!!

So I hope our chance of scattered t-storms happens tonight.  Not only does this strange weather stall our harvest, the constant wind really starts to wear on the individuals that work out in it all day.

So with that being said.....

Dear God, PLEASE send rain.  Thank you!!!!!....The Farmer's Wife


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