Monday, October 3, 2011

4-Wheeler Diaper Cake

I hosted a baby shower at my home and for the centerpiece on the gift table I made this adorable 4-wheeler diaper cake.  Diaper cakes are as cute as can be and the best part is they are loaded with practical baby items.  I don't know about you, but I am allllllll about practical.    

The baby items I used for this diaper cake:

44 diapers
3 receiving blankets
3 pairs of socks
1 baby bottle dishwasher basket
1 bottle
3 bibs
1 stuffed animal

Non baby items you will need.

2 empty paper towel tubes

I wish I would have taken pictures of each step, but I didn't.  Also, I apologize for the bad pictures.  I do these projects at night and I didn't have any natural light when I took the photos.

Start by placing a sock over each end of the paper towel tubes.  This will be the hub caps.  Then start wrapping diapers around the paper towel tube for the tire.  You may want to use tape to help hold your tire together, but I did not....I'm and overachiever {or lazy...take your pick}.  Then use your ribbon and tie around the middle of the diaper tire.  Repeat this process for each tire.

Now lay out one receiving blanket and roll up for the handle bars.  Then lay out another blanket and fold up until it is about 5 inches wide.  Then roll it up like a sleeping bag and tie it to the back of the bottle basket.  This helps make the seat.  Drape one bib over the front of the bottle basket.  Place the bottle on top of the bib.  Take another bib and fold it up in thirds and place over the bottle {this helps keep the bottle/headlight snug} Take the handle bar blanket and wrap around the bottle basket, bibs, and bottle and secure with ribbon.  Place another pair of socks on the end of the blanket for the handle bars.  Drape the last bib over the "seat".  Set the tray on the paper towel tubes.

Then placed the stuffed animal in the drivers seat and you are done.

This was super easy to make and didn't take long....maybe 20 minutes.

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  2. Aww!! Your ATV diaper cake is just too cute!

  3. Your tractor cake is just adorable

  4. Super cute! I just wish there was in process photos instead of description. I do better with photos :)

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  6. Jamás usaremos los juguetes que tenemos en casa.


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