Thursday, September 29, 2011

Drilling Wheat

As we gear up for fall there is a lot that has to be done on the farm.  It is time for the winter wheat crop to be drilled and corn harvest has started as of yesterday.  BUSY BUSY BUSY!!!!!!.  I love fall and cooler temperatures....although yesterday it was 94 degrees here and it felt more like wheat harvest than corn harvest.

Drilling wheat this year for my hubs was extremely exciting, but also bitter sweet.  Here is the drill when my hubs was getting it all hooked up and ready for the field.

Not much goes on around the farm without a few kids "on the job"!!!

This is what was most exciting for my hubs.  Can you tell that this drill is brand new?  This was the first piece of brand spankin' new farm equipment that my hubs has got "break in".  It would be comparable to driving a brand new car off the lot.....oh that is not exciting for about a brand new Coach purse????

Here my hubs is filling it with seed wheat.

After the drill was full of seed wheat he went and made a couple rounds.  Here is my hubs and Uncle Dennis checking the ground to see how well the drill is putting the seed wheat in the ground.

My hubs was truly on cloud nine when he was drilling.  I went and rode with him in his big green tractor and he told me what an awesome time he was having in the field, but also said he wished his Dad could be here to see it.  My father-in-law loved wheat and every aspect of it from drilling to harvest.  I told my hubs his Dad could see....


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