Monday, March 21, 2011

Ropin' and Cleanin'

My son's room use to be the simple room to clean.  He had a bed, a dresser, a tool workbench, a horse, and A basket of toys.  Now he has all that plus several more baskets of toys thanks to Christmas and a birthday shortly after that.  And the fact he thinks he needs to get a new toy each time when go to the store doesn't help the situation.

I was fearing that "Hoarders" might be calling me soon to film at our house if I did not get his room under control.  It is sooooooo much easier to throw toys away sort through all the toys when the kids are not home, but since we had our "uninvited guest" it was not an option to send them with dad while they were feeling under the weather {plus Hayden would not allow more than 3 feet between him and I for about 4 days}.  So I headed into his room to clean and this is what he did the entire time I sorted through every hay bale, tractor, planter, fence, tool, hay bale, swather, skid loader, hay bale, lincoln logs, and occasional lego, oh and hay bales {if I didn't mention that}.

This little crooked grin simply says "Cowboy".

The Farmer's Wife

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