Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Long Lost Paddle...

This paddle resurfaced after several years thanks to my cousin Katie who remembered where it was stashed.  My mom had given it to my aunt and uncle when my brother and I were grown to carry on the "tradition" of parenting.  According to my mom it is about 33 years old {the exact age I am...hhhmmm}.  My mom said that my dad made it when my brother was a toddler {red heads tend to have a temper...I should know since I lived with him}.  This paddle was used on our behinds when we were naughty.  It has a lot of memories for my family.  Not only was it used on my brother and I, but if my cousins were around and needed to be set straight it would meet their behinds too.  

This is practically a family heirloom now.  You see, when we got the paddle used on our behinds we also got our name wrote on the paddle.  If you notice my name is actually carved {REALLY BIG} into the wood.  It is also wrote on it several other times.  I wish I could remember what it was I did that time, but I can't.   My entire family knew of the paddle and you almost wanted to act up just to get your name on it.  It was almost like a trophy in a sense.  I am sure if I ask any of my cousins about this we could get started on old family stories.   I also think we need to put it back to good use because I have 4 names that need to added to it....make that 5 names....because I am sure Mike needs his name on it too.  Plus, I would love to have "new" stories about the "old" paddle!!!

Just to clear the record, we were never beaten with this.  It was used only on our butts occasionally and sort of became a "joke" and you would want to write your name on it so it would be listed more than any other name.  I think I can even see my grandma's name on it.  Good times {in a weird sense}!!!!

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