Saturday, May 26, 2012

My FIRST Coach Purse

I sound like I am in Kindergarten with a "my first"!!!  Anyhow, what girl doesn't love a sleek designer bag??  My SIL {the one I have been helping on her remodel}  has a little addiction with them and I am always happy to take her "hand me downs".   Her current purse is a silver embossed Coach bag and I love love love it.  I keep encouraging her to get a new purse so I could have the old one, but she hasn't needed that much "retail therapy"  I guess. 

I received a phone call from SIL the other day asking me to go online and pick out a NEW Coach bag!!!  She wanted to get me one for all of my help on her new house.  I told her she did not have to do anything for me.  I felt lucky enough being able to make big design decisions on her remodel.  Who wouldn't love that!!!

She wouldn't take no for answer {she said something about it being equivalent to $0.52/hour on her house}.  I hopped online and picked out my new bag!!!  She ordered it and I received it this week.  It is stunning and I feel like my life as a woman is complete now....just life is complete without a purse.  

Here she is.....

I can't wait to show the kitchen remodel to you all.  It is DONE!!!!!  Except we need to decorate it.  We have a family reunion this weekend so I hope to be able to post the remodel by the end of next week.  Then I will show you my niece's bedroom.  We have to do something with the hallway and I am trying to talk her into something fun, but she is a little hesitant yet....we will see if I can convince her.

Have a great Memorial Weekend and remember those who have served and are currently serving our GREAT LAND WE CALL THE USA!



  1. Congrats on the new purse :) I have always had a eye for coach purses... :)

  2. Nice choice! Now you need to go somewhere with it.

  3. Congrats on the purse! It is so COOL and you deserve it! So excited to see the finished remodel job, both on this blog and in person!!! (:


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