Monday, May 7, 2012

DIY Kitchen Remodel Continues...

You know when you dive into a project hoping to have it finished within two weeks and it doesn't happen....yeah....that's the point we are at on our kitchen project.  Schedules have been hectic with spring programs, track meets, graduations and such.  Considering all that extra activities we are still making headway on the kitchen given the two times a week we have been able to work on it.  Oh, and planting flowers has been a little distracting too, but aren't they pretty!!!

Last time I posted on our progress we had finished the time consuming sanding and priming.  Thankfully that is done!!!

So here is our progress.

Red Solo Cup.....I fill you up.....let's have a paint party....  I used the cups to place the cupboard doors on while I painted them.  This kept them off of the plastic and just made things easier.  Painting the cupboard doors was really time consuming.  I gave them 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of white kitchen cupboard paint on each side.  There was a lot of watching paint dry....let me tell ya... ha!!!  

We {I say that like it is my house and my} of course, are trying to do this kitchen remodel as budget friendly as possible.  We decided to reuse the existing hardware.  It was pretty dirty.  To clean it, we placed the hardware in a crockpot with only water.  We set the heat to high and let em' cook!!!  This works well to remove old paint as well.  After about an hour in the crockpot you can see the old finish starting to come off.  We removed them with tongs to a paper towel and peeled off the old old finish.

Looks kind of gross huh!

Then a little "rattle can" silver and viola..."new" hardware!

I think it looks pretty good for a $4 can of spray paint!

We had to prime the walls and one of my precious readers and friend Nancy C. called me up and asked if she could help us out!!!!!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME....we don't turn down help!!  You have to LOVE volunteers!!!  Nancy C. recently moved to Podunkville {as she has named it...and I love the name} from the BIG city.  She and her family are living life on a farm and totally taking it all in.  I think they have adapted well to life in the sticks.....other than Starbucks being an hour and a half away.....that has been tough for Nancy C.  It was a fun night of girl talk about kids, family, hair, dieting, and Starbucks.  I made Nancy C. and my SIL some Strawberry Walnut Salad minus the carrots, green onion, & cucumbers {because I didn't have any on hand}, but made up for it by adding some Feta cheese!!!  We topped it off with some Starbucks Frappuccino drinks that I had picked up.  Oh, and we got the walls primed.

My SIL put the last coat of paint on the cabinets.  

I attempted hanging cabinet doors by myself.  I got 5 of them done {there are 21 total} and decided I need an extra leg and an extra foot to continue on {can you picture me trying to use my leg as a third arm???....okay erase that thought....please don't try to picture that}.   I had to call in my other SIL for reinforcement.  She thankfully spared 15 minutes of her time to save me from a dislocated hip.  They are all done except for one....because the refrigerator was pulled out from the wall and I couldn't reach it.  I will get it up eventually...ha!  

Last night we were finally able to start painting the walls.  From the picture below it looks like we painted two different colors, but we didn't.  It is hard to get good lighting at 11pm.  When we picked out the paint color there was a picture of room painted this color and it looked like a nice light shade of gray on the sample card.  However, once we got it on the walls it looks too dark.  The wall color looks slightly darker than the paint sample we chose when we hold it next to the painted walls.  I tend to repaint every few years and usually get the color picked out that I have in mind, but this was WAY off.  URGH!!!  We are trying to decide if we should repaint it or live with it.  THOUGHTS??????  I'm guessing we will repaint because I pictured a much lighter and airier space.  The half painted wall on the right......we have plans for the bottom half.  Maybe wallpaper....just kidding!!!!!  Oh, and we are going to do something with that won't stay that ugly brown. 

As of tonight the carpet is gone!!!!!  Our brother in law has been working too....on the big stuff like scraping the popcorn off the ceiling....YUCK!!!  He is going to install the new counter tops and back splash which I am so excited to see.  

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And our puppy Roscoe has nothing to do with the kitchen remodel, but I think he is cute!!  That's all.

Ok, not as cute here.

And digging up my newly planted flower beds is not so cute either!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!


  1. Wow! You guys are really amazing! That hardware looks great! And those cupboards-so much work but they look brand new. Can't wait to see the countertops!

  2. thank-You for sharing your blog...I've never gotten in on one before. Your hardware info was great, I wish I had done that on our old door we redone for our bathroom. We are neighbors to Nancy C. (5 miles apart and no one between us), and I am ashame to say I have not met Nancy but we have met her husband. Good Luck with your kitchen remodeling!

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  4. I can't believe the progress! It looks so great! I wish you guys could come do my kitchen remodeling phoenix. Haha. Love your taste and style!

  5. Its really unbelievable ..Wow what a amazing work finished by a single women...

  6. Wow it really looks so great! We've been working on remodeling our kitchen it tucson. Remodeling can be quite a bit of work I've found out.

  7. Thanks for this post, Farmer's Wife. I believe that it can be a little frustrating if you didn't finished your project at your target time. Anyway, we should be thankful that you were able to finish your work despite all the distractions. Even though I did not see the end-result, I know that it is fabulous!

    All the best,


  8. Good job with the hinges! And they go well with the white doors and walls.That can of spraypaint went the extra mile, and for only 4 dollars! You got a lot done in just one afternoon! Good help is definitely always welcome.

    IPQ Construction


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