Monday, April 23, 2012

DIY Kitchen Remodel

I wanted to pop in real quick and give you an update.  We have been busy working on my SIL's kitchen.  However, we haven't got to devote as much time to it as we would like because we only manage to get a few hours in after work in the evenings, but have made great progress considering the time we have.

First things first, we have to have the essentials in order to work....doritos, chips ahoy, peanut butter, bread, water, a camera, some jewelry, and of course a couple of iphones....ha!!

We first lightly sanded every inch of the cupboards and doors prior to painting with 220 grit sandpaper.  Then we used a vacuum to remove the dust as well as cloth to make sure they were completely clean prior to priming.  You can use tack cloth, but we didn't have any so we just made sure we vacuumed well and wiped the dust off with the use of good ole fashioned "elbow grease"!!!

We could have saved ourselves a lot of time if we only painted the cabinet fronts and the doors, but we are going for a crisp clean look even when you open a cabinet door so we went ahead and primed the inside of each cabinet too.  We did 2 coats of primer on everything.

So that is a quick peak of our progress.  I am glad we are done with the priming!!!  We have broke out the paint and let me tell you it is looking amazing!!!  I can't wait to show you more.  If you want some sneak peaks of our progress be sure to like my Facebook page.


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  1. Wow! What a job! You guys definitely have perseverance and determination!


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