Monday, December 5, 2011

My "Model"

I decided I wanted to take some Christmas pictures of my kids in HOPES that I will get cards mailed out this year.  I am very far from a being a photographer, but I do like to dabble with it and learn as I go.  I made up my impromptu Christmas backdrop with some lights, bulbs, and snowflakes.  Since it is practically dark outside when the kids get off the bus I will have to wait until the weekend to take the pictures when I can utilize some natural light.  Because I am impatient at times I wanted to snap a few photos to see how it would look. I got the display ready, but was in need of subject.  Since the girls were at school I had my son be my "model".

All of these are SOOC and as you can see he was quite thrilled to be my subject.  I told him to just sit there so I could play around with my settings.  It was quite entertaining for me.

Then the final 2 pictures couldn't sum up our 10 minute photo session any better.  I can't decide which is my favorite.  One of these might even make it on the Christmas card.  Which one would you vote for?

Funny picture #1.... "Mom, pictures are boring and they are making me sleepy."


Funny picture #2.... "Mom, I can't take it anymore!!!!"

My kids make me laugh!!!


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  1. The backdrop is darling! I vote #2 ~ so fun! Now get to the rest so we can see them, oh,and so you can have a Christmas card to send out this year! (;


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