Monday, December 12, 2011

Bad Word

A quick story I had to share.

Last night my son was already tucked in bed, but he somehow got his sister to come get me and tell me he needed to talk to me.  I went to my son's room and asked him what he needed.  He began to say something with his quivering lip, but couldn't get it all out.  When he was finally able to sputter some words out he told me he said a bad word.  I did not get mad at him {he thought he was going to be in big trouble} and thanked him for telling me.  I encouraged him to not say it again.  About 2 minutes later he was asleep.

Fast forward to tonight.  I was preparing supper and he said he wanted to help {he is great help}.  I told him he could and he pulled a chair up to the stove.  While we were cooking his guilt got to him and he was again apologizing for saying a bad word.  I said to him "don't SAY it again" and we went on cooking.  A few minutes later he told me he didn't say the bad word.  Here is what he said to me "Mom, it wasn't me that said it.  I didn't tell my mouth to say it!!  It just dumped out, so it wasn't my fault!"  I had to turn my head and laugh.

Now, how could I be upset with a face like that?!?



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