Thursday, November 29, 2012

Prairie Hills Farm Goat Milk Products

If you love goat milk soaps, lotions, scrubs or most things goat milk you will love the products offered up by my friend Elizabeth at Prairie Hills Farm.  

I have used goat milk soaps for years and have even made my own.  I'm not the most knowledgeable in goat milk and all the fabulous benefits, but goat milk defiantly seems to be the best moisturizing soap I have found.  With the dry winter months upon us, I need all the moisturizing help I can get!  I personally do not suffer from psoriasis or eczema {thank goodness}, but I do have severe dry skin.  I have heard that goat milk soap can be an excellent choice to help with psoriasis or eczema problems because of its natural moisturizing elements such as amino acids and vitamin A.  

I have used Prairie Hills Farm soap and I love how rich and creamy it is and the scents are very pleasing.  Her best selling scents are Lavender and Almond Oatmeal.  I'm trying to talk her into offering a Cherry Almond scent because it is my favorite....hint hint Elizabeth!!!  In addition to the soap I also have a bottle of the Goat Milk Lotion sitting next to my sink so I can lather up after doing dishes.  The lotion is perfect!!  It isn't greasy and leaves my skin very soft and smooth with the pleasant scent of lavender.  Both the soap and lotion will rejuvenate your skin!

Please check out all the products Prairie Hills Farm has to offer on the online store here.  If you would like to know more about Elizabeth and her goat heard please "stalk" her here.  She raises her own goats in which all her products derive from.     

Please go and "Like" Prairie Hills Farm on Facebook.  Let her know The Farmer's Wife sent you and put a bug in her ear about the Cherry Almond Scent. 

Elizabeth is offering FREE SHIPPING the entire month of December when you spend $50 {before tax}!!!!  She wanted me to share that when you shop online and your purchase in over $50 to please to choose the "pick up" method and then provide your shipping address so you won't be billed for the shipping.  She will be posting this information on her Facebook page so be sure to "Like" her page!!!

Stay tuned for more products from Prairie Hills Farm.....I'm thinking GIVEAWAY {in Cherry Almond Scent...wink...wink}!!!


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