Friday, August 10, 2012

Window Shopping...

The other day a couple of friends and I ended up going on an impromptu trip and having a little bit of much needed girl time!!!  We ate chocolate, had mocha frappes, and stopped at a consignment shop that we have never been too.  It had a nice mix of old and new.  I loved scanning all the treasures.  There was so much there that I would have loved to brought home with me.  I couldn't buy anything because the shop is fairly new and does not have the capability to take debit or credit cards yet.  Remember, I said the trip was impromptu and I didn't have my purse, but I had my debit card.... which did not do me any good.  Window shopping it was.  Bummer!  However, I often go to the town where the store is located so I will head back there with cash and or a checkbook soon.  

Here are a few of the things I loved!  I will work left to right here.

    The vintage queen bedspread caught my eye because I remember my great grandma having several similar ones.  I love the pale pinks tones paired with the mint green.  I can totally picture it in a little girls bedroom.  I don't remember the price on it.

The old pump jack.  Who doesn't love one of those.  I am sure I could find a few of those around the farm if I went hunting....hhmmm maybe I will do that and use it in my landscaping.  Or I could buy this one for $80.  I think I will look around the farm first.

The antique vanity was remarkably nice.  I would say it has been refinished.  It was beautiful and had $400+ marked on it.  I would throw that in the girls bedroom with that vintage bedspread.  I am a visionary and I can totally see that bedroom coming together...ha!

The old globe had great character and sat in a base.  To tell the truth, I was thinking light fixtures in my head!  Who's with me there?  I can't remember the price on it.

A pink go in the girls bedroom with the pink vintage bedspread and antique vanity.  Can you see it coming together????  It had the case and they wanted $30 for it.  

The green depression glass egg beater caught my eye.  I'm pretty sure the tag listed it at $80.  I need to take notes when I go so I can remember what things cost.  Note to self...take notes!

Ohh, the butter churn.  I am in love with this and sooooo wanted it!!!  I love the square jar and it still has the wood paddles that look original.  What once was a vital part of every kitchen has now become a decor item.  I love butter churns!!!  This one had a price tag of $150 slapped on it!

My mom has my great grandmas old butter churn.  My mom can remember churning butter with my great grandma and now my kids pretend to churn butter with it.  I wonder how many pounds of butter my grandma made?!?    Random facts about my great grandma {and grandpa}..... She was a farmer's wife, she loved the farm, crafts, cooking, chickens {I don't}, dancing, talking on the phone{early day facebook/texting...ha}, family, and an occasional beer.  She let me drive her car around the farm at a very young age {later my great grandpa got us a golf}.  Her last 4 digits of her phone number was the same as ours, she was only 4'9" and my great grandpa was over 6' {picture that}.  They got married 20 miles away from where I live which was quite aways from where they lived.  Our youngest daughter was born on my great grandpa's birthday.  She lived on the farm until she died.  

I wish I could talk to her about being a farmer's wife today.  I think she and my grandpa would be in awe with today's farming operations AND PRICES!!!  I'm sure she could give me some advice on the hard times like this drought we are going through.  I have been through one before, but the stories of the 30's are so much worse and makes me appreciate the comforts we have today.

Okay, back to business here....

The antique washboard is in great shape and reasonably price for $30.  Every laundry room should have one hanging on the wall or on display don't you think?  I don't have one....yet!

The fan ohhhh the fan.  I love it and I really really really want it.  It works too!!!!  I am going to keep checking in on it and if it is meant to be mine it will someday.  They want $60 firm for it.  I passed one up for $15 once, but it didn't work and I liked it, but not as well as I like this one.  The old phone in the background isn't too bad either.

So there you have it, my day of window shopping.  It was so much fun and I can't wait to discover new places like this.  Is there any great places I need to know about like this???  


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