Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Our Fair Week {Picture Heavy}

I am still recovering from our fair {still lacking sleep and trying to get my house back in order...aka LAUNDRY}!!!  I think I am about to get all the dirt out of my ears and nose.  I tried to get in for a pedicure {I have only had 2 in my life} on Monday, but they were booked up.  Guess my nasty feet will have to wait for another day.  Enough about me and my toe jam.

I LOVE our county fair!!!  It is a county owned carnival.  The fair board members and the individuals in charge of the carnival are awesome in my book for the countless hours they put in.   It is A LOT of work for the community to make sure it is a success each year.  Each town in our community is assigned a night to volunteer during fair.   I am SO THANKFUL for those who volunteer so my kids and all the others can have a fabulous time and a successful 4-H year.  To me, it is ALL about the kids!!! 

Here is our fair week in pictures.

A beautiful sunset during fair.

My Dad {an electrician} and my Hubs getting things in order before fair kicked off.  Since Grandpa had his bucket there my son and his friend got to go for a ride way up high!

Then of course, we had the beef show, horse show, exhibit hall, midway, demo derby, and SNO-CONES!!!

More of the horse and beef show. Nothing like a little rodeo action for some entertainment.  I love the cowboy knelt down praying before his event.  

The beef sale always brings out some tears when the kids have to say goodbye to their animals, BUT it is nothing a glitter tattoo can't fix!!!

So there you have it, our week of fair!!!  Another year of great memories in the book!!!

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  1. The tears is why I haven't been able to post much on our fair yet...still too raw. We had fallen in love with our steer this year....UGH! ~Kim


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