Thursday, June 21, 2012

Painted Mason Jar Vase

Wheat harvest is in full swing and the bountiful waving wheat fields are rapidly become stubble fields.  I wanted to admire the gorgeous heads of wheat for just a little longer so I made this mason jar vase to display some in.  It is pretty simple....I rattle canned {spray paint for all you new wonderful followers} a mason jar white.

Now, I can admire the wheat for months to come.  I displayed it in my vintage crates that I am in love with.  It's perfect, shabby, and very inexpensive!

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  1. That is just lovely! Beautiful photography, too!

    Did I tell you that I baked the Hunt family some bread with some wheat straight from their field? I delivered it to them just a few hours after I pulled it from the oven. That was fun! It was a bit strong, but everyone seemed to like it.

  2. Beautiful, Kay! I need to spray some mason jars. :)


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